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Album Spotlight-The Frozen Tears of Angels

Have you ever gotten completely sucked in by a game of Dungeons & Dragons?  Are you partial to stories about a group of unlikely hero’s coming together to find and destroy a magical artifact to save their world?  Do you love over the top neo-classical symphonic power metal?  Do you think the best cheese in the world comes from Italy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I got the perfect album recommendation for you.  Rhapsody of Fire(formerly know as just Rhapsody) is a band that hails from Italy, they create the best in over the top symphonic epic power metal, they have an affinity for fantastical subject matter, and they have an ongoing narrative within their albums where unlikely heroes come together to search for an indestructible book written in the blood of angel’s that contains evil geometry(yup, you read that right, evil geometry) that could resurrect a supremely evil entity known as Nekron that would bring about cosmic chaos.  And they’re made out of nothing but the finest and tastiest Italian cheese, delicious, mouthwatering Italian cheese.  Oh, and Saruman, err, Christopher Lee does narrations on their albums.

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