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Song of the Day- 5 January 2011

Hello All,

Today’s SOTD is different than others I have put on the blog.  This song is probably the shortest one placed on the blog to date.

Today’s SOTD is “Symptoms” by Into Eternity, from their album The Incurable Tragedy.

This is an instrumental song and it is less than 2 minutes.  You might be asking yourself why I chose this song when it is less than two minutes with no lyrics.  The answer is simple.  This song provides an interesting listening experience, due to the fact that the song doesn’t stick to one time signature throughout.  In fact, the time signatures change multiple times, from 4/4 in the beginning to 6/8 in the following part.  You get a few bars of 6/8, then it changes to 7/4.  And after that, they change it AGAIN to 5/4 before returning to 6/8.  It took me quite a long time to figure out all the time signatures.  But once I did, this song became one of my favorites of the album.   

Have no idea what a time signature is?  Sorry about that.  I tend to ramble on with music stuff when something catches my ear.  The important number is the first one in the time signature.  It means how many beats per measure. 

Take a listen to the song and see if you can catch all the time signature changes.  In the meantime, have a great day.