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Concert Review – Children of Bodom 1 Apr 11

Children of Bodom rocked Norwich UEA, England on 1 Apr 2011.  My review will consist of the venue, the crowd, and all bands associated.

First the venue – Norwich UEA (University of East Anglia) is a great place to check out a show.  The maximum capacity is around 1,500.  There is really no bad place to stand; anywhere in the auditorium is a good view. One thing I like about it is that the pit floor area is lowered and surrounded by about 4 steps leading up to a higher main floor area.  This gives those in the pit an opportunity to do as they wish and those that do not want to get into the pit can stand on the steps or main platform and see above everyone.  The viewing opportunity at Norwich UEA is maximized.  The sound quality is also very good, which is important at a metal show.

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