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Video of the Week: Solo Un Miraggio and The Battle at IKEA

Here’s a pair of videos that will finish off you week tickling your funny bone.  First up is “Solo Un Miraggio” (Just a Mirage)by the Italian deathcore band Settimo Senso (7th Sense).  Here you see the band in need of some funds to fix up their busted snare drum so they go and do what any metal band would do when the cash is low, compete against little girls in a gymnastics competition.  At 4:58, boy did I laugh, physical comedy has no language barriers.  Check it out.

The 2nd video this week is by Watt White, AKA WWIII, and is a song about the horrors that can be found in the Minotaur’s labyrinth known as IKEA.  If you’ve ever been to IKEA (really, who hasn’t?), I think you will get a great laugh out of this neat little video of paper cutouts and Man-O-War style metal.  I know I did.  Have a great weekend.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Thanks to for making me aware of these hilarious vids.